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(WIP) UBEAM V1.8a S/N currently in development?

UBEAM: Fast, stable, reliable. Always count on it!

It has recently came to me that it's time for a "name change" for UltraBeam REVO, which lead to UBEAM, why you may ask? Easy to explain because it's easier than being said. Not to mention the name is getting kind of old, but a name is just a name. So by that UBEAM will take over UltraBeam REVO. Now here's the real reason why I named it UBEAM, I want users to feel as if this MOD is based off the UBUNTU OS, many Androids have this. So I thought to myself, why not give make the MOD based off UBUNTU and make it look that way. Looks flawless aswell?

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UBEAM has a stable build and nightly build.
UBEAM stable is absoluetly free to use, and is bugless free. Runs fast aswell.
UBEAM nightlies is member only use, to those who enjoy using our OS we have a special MOD for you to use, only for testing and reporting bugs. If you prefer to keep it as your main system, then do as you wish to do. Nightly builds are going to be frequently updated, no patches. Just testing builds.

Nightly builds are going to be used by users who want to test the performance, in any ways. To also report the bugs that appear quite often.


                                                                                                                                                                                                       OS running since: 2013-2015